What is co working?
Myanmar is undergoing nothing short of a co-working revolution. There are as many different co-working spaces as there are ways to work. At its heart, co-working is about shared space and shared values. It is about collaboration. It is about giving people a helping hand and creating a supportive and welcoming community. In this manner, co-working is for everyone and doesn’t discriminate based on the type of business. Co-working is also about socialising. Businesses deal with people, co-working provides a good environment to develop and maintain social skills which are crucial in the business world.
What do I do on my first day?
Let us know you are coming please! This way we can put away some time to give you an in-depth tour, answer any questions you may have, run through the housekeeping, and make sure you are connected to the net and comfortable in your new home. Then choose a seat and away you go.
Do you hold regular networking events?
Events are the most valuable part of ZAYAT. We will have regular main events every two weeks with the focus on current issues and to find the possible remedies for the difficulties we are facing either on personal scale or on global scale.
Do you provide equipment?
We can certainly help. Fast internet and out event space is also well equipped.
Are your events for your members only?
Events listed on our website calendar are open to the public. Members-only events are private and require an invitation.